Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bases and 10mm Terrain

With my Pendraken WW2 minis ordered I needed to source some bases for them.  My first thought was 3mm MDF but on average I'm looking at around $30 plus shipping to get enough bases for both armies (around 105 bases give or take).  To complicate matters even more I haven't actually settled on a size for the bases yet.  I'm currently leaning towards the "Warmaster standard" 20mm x 40mm but I really want to see the miniatures first.  You can always make infantry fit any base but tanks that overhang their bases just look bad.

After the required period of procrastination I ordered some 2mm styrene plasticard from eBay.  Two sheets of 200mm x 227mm should give me around 110 bases at 20mm x 40mm.  Best of all the plastic is black so I shouldn't need to paint edges.

The one aspect of playing Warmaster that annoyed me was that I had little to no terrain in that scale.  Sure we used the old school method of green felt = woods and brown felt = hills but it just didn't look good, not compared the great visual effect of ranks and ranks of 10mm minis all lined up for battle.

It was also difficult to justify the time and money to start creating/buying the terrain in this scale when Warmaster was more of a distraction or side game at the club.  Well with Blitzkrieg Commander on the way and with a few 15mm scale games on the horizon all that is about to change..

While browsing eBay I came across these:

100 N and Z scale trees for $10.76 delivered.  Apparently they're about 1.5" tall and I think they'll fit in well with either Warmaster or Blitzkrieg Commander.  I'll probably go with the same approach that I have for the 28mm stuff, I'll base 4-5 trees to a small base and then place these onto a larger "forest base".

The plasticard is shipped from here in Oz so that should be here within the week but the trees are from Hong Kong so possibly two weeks there.  I just hope that they pack them well, my last lot of trees ended up all squashed in together and it took quite a while to seperate them and straighten them out without damaging them.  Then again for only $10 I really can't expect too much now can I?

Also on the terrain front I've printed out a pile of cardstock buildings that I've scaled down to 10mm.  They're mostly european style with a few fantasy buildings that don't look too fantasy and could be used in other periods.  I'll have a look at putting a few of them together later tonight and post pictures.

Just had a thought: getting all of this stuff is all fine and all but where am I going to put it?  The arch nemesis of all gamers: storage.

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