Sunday, March 7, 2010

1/1200 Scale Ships for Bag the Hun

I've been having fun with the expanded rules for ground/surface targets in Bag the Hun I decided to have a go at replacing my plain scraps of paper with some less plain scraps of paper. I haven't bought any minis yet as I'm a little torn between scales. I like the look of 1/1200 scale but they're too big (and expensive) for anything except Bag the Hun, naval games at this scale would require huge tables. 1/2400 minis are just right for the table and the wallet for naval gaming purposes but don't have that 'wow' factor of aircraft buzzing over large ships. So I think I'll start with paper 'top down' shots of some ships for the Hun and see how things go from there.

At 1/1200 they're about 6 hexes long on my map which looks right to my eyes. To reduce them to 1/2400 just print them at 50% magnification. All images are courtesy of Wikipedia.

Download a PDF version here.

Eventually I'd like to get some of these made up for the Battle of the Coral Sea scenarios I've been putting together but for now I'll toy around with these until I'm happy with the size/speed/mechanic etc.

Let me know if you find any of these useful or if you have any particular requests for ships.


  1. havent had a good look at the surface rules.. but how do the various scales match the hex sizes assigned to the unit types by the rules?

  2. They're not related, the size value given to ground targets is an arbitrary value for determining hits only. The model itself determines the hexes a craft occupies. Unless you use a prinipal hex for the craft in which case the scale
    becomes purely cosmetic.

  3. hmm 1/3000 would always fit in one hex..

    even 1/2400 would be struggling to intrude into an adjacent hex at 1.5 in hexes

    1/1250 sounds like the go then

  4. Yeah it may still be a case of using the scale appropriate for the models too. I want to do a lot of coastal forces stuff and I think 1/1250 may be too small for that. Most coastal engagements I've read about were at (relativley) low altitudes so even 1/700 could be used but I haven't tried this out yet.

  5. I will ask the TMP hivemind :)

  6. Love the 1/1200 ships. First how did you do it and with what software, so I could give it a try, and second some request I would like to see are Light/Heavy Cruisers and Destroyers, the the Med/Pacific.

  7. Sorry forgot some very important 1/1200 ships, merchant, freighters, oilers, etc