Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Doctor? Doctor Who?

I'm not sure how I can across this blog but if you like Dr Who then you'll want to visit An Evil Giraffe.  I was admiring his handiwork on the Black Tree Dr Who minis when I noticed these fellows below.

They're part of the Heresy Miniatures "not" sci-fi range.  You know they're "not" the ninth, tenth and eleventh Doctors, they're (left to right) Malcom Ecclescake, Nerdlord & Dr Hugh McCrimmon.  They just happen to look a lot like those other guys.  Whatever, it works for me.  I have no idea what rules I'll use them with as most of the skirmish sets I have a basically combat systems and that isn't the way the Doctor rolls.  Maybe Larger than Life by Two Hour Wargames or maybe a modified version of Fear and Faith by Ganesha Games.

Well since the guys above would need some evil plans to foil I started off with none other than 'Dr Masterson', Evil Scientist... ahhh I mean: The Master.

I'll have to get as much of the Pendraken stuff painted as I can as I can't see myself waiting to paint these when they arrive (7-10 they state on their website).

This purchase does lead me back to Black Tree Designs as they seem to hold the largest license of official Dr Who minis, but I'm not sure if I can handle the probably dissapointment.  I might have to keep looking for more "not" minis.


  1. Good likenesses!

    Have you thought of Savage Worlds as a possible system. Fast and pulpy, apparently. There's a downloadable lite version on the publisher's website.

  2. there are at least two dr who specific skirmish level free rules to be found with a bit of persistent googling.
    one in particular is of excellent quality.
    (theyre on another computer..

    soma great pics ive seen of massed daleks and Brigader era(eg pre-gender balanced UNIT) games complete with Ogrons..

    I've seen great pictures of a Dalek Civil War with daleks fighting in corridors on a huge table at Salute, I think it was,over the half dead corpse of Davros.. great stuff

  3. ; ) Invasion Earth is still available from BTD, the Doctor Who Miniature Game is free and nicely supported and someone on the Ganesha Games yahoo group was talking about using Flying Lead and Mutants & Death Ray Guns if memory serves...

  4. Can I buy them? No seriously. May I pay whomever made this for a commission? I'd really like the Tenth Doctor.

  5. No 4th doctor? Boo.