Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Painting the Pendraken: Day One

Here's some shots of the first days work, nothing too special just a lot of flat colour, I'll come back and do the webbing, weapons, boots etc and when they're dry I'll give them a nice protective coat of army painter.

More tonight, should get these finished and then I'll start on the Germans.


  1. Once again Tim, stop it I am getting very tempted..... And by the way how much sleep do you get a night???

  2. I know they look fantastic (minis not the paintwork) I'm so going to get some ww1 minis for mud and blood, and some Zulus for black powder. Oh as well as getting a whole swag more ww2 stuff... I probably should stop there, Vicki might end up reading this.

    Sleep? What's this thing you call "sleep"?