Monday, March 15, 2010

Pendraken WW2 Miniatures Arrive

Woo hooo!  The Pendraken Miniatures arrived today, as predicted by David.

I only just noticed that the date on my camera is wrong, sigh.  The two parcels I found jammed in my letter box.  They were pretty heavy and I was a little worried about what I would find inside.  Memories of my "mooshed" Black Tree orders still haunt me.  A few of the tank cannons were a little bent but they were easy to fix.  Out of the whole order only one tank had a broken cannon and that should be easy fixed with a drill and some super glue.

The contents of the first package.

The contents of the second.

The first thing I noticed is that every bag has the product code written on it.  Very helpful and it made going through my order short work.  What was very impressive was that the battle pack was labelled and so in turn was every bag within that bag.

Even Monty came in a bag of his own.

The whole order.

Everything checked and accounted for with the exception of the Australian Bren gunners.  British to the left and Germans to the right.

A few shots to show the scale of the minis.  They seem to fit well with the Warmaster minis scale wise so I feel better about making terrain now knowing that it can be used in either system.

I might even get the paint out tonight and start working on the infantry, they should paint up easily enough.  Although there is plenty of detail there if I decided I want to punish myself, the infantry have chinstraps on their helmets... at 10mm!  It's crazy and impressive all at the same time.

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  1. Man! you do make it hard for me not to spend money on these things. I must stay strong and not give in!!!