Monday, March 1, 2010

Taking Stock: 28mm WW2 British

Ok so I'm on a roll today, I've done more painting, building and sorting in one day than I have in weeks.  Anyway with the 28mm terrain coming along nicely I thought I really should sit down and work out:
  1. What I've got.
  2. What I can use.
  3. What I'm likely use.
So after going through the British supplement for Disposable Heroes, "Go Forward Together" I've come up with the following rifle platoon.  Pretty much everything is available (scenario pending) with the exception of the second sniper team which shouldn't be there and I'm only able to field up to two of the company support units (sc1..4).  I can easily field this as a motorised platoon if/when I can source a heap of trucks and or halftracks, read that as: not any time soon.  It will be fairly unlikely that I'll field all these miniatures at the same time, if things are getting that big then we'll probably drag just out Blitzkrieg Commander.  With that said though I can see me buying some more of these soon so I can field a unit or two of engineers and SAS squads.

What I'll do now is create some cards with all the relevant information, points, min/max and game stats.  Should make building a force pretty straight forward and will be useful when playing.

Next... to sort out the Germans.

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