Monday, March 1, 2010

Terrain - Hedges & Forests Part 8

Today I picked up a large pack of scenics blended turf with the idea of using it for the "forest bases" in both 28mm and 10mm.  It was on the way home however that I started to think that maybe, just maybe, this would look good on my stalled hedges project.

So having a free hour or two before the kids came home I thought I'd give it a try on a test hedge, if it didn't work out then I'd just use it for the forest bases.

First of all I needed a container so I could dip the hedges.  This is just big enough to fit the hedges in on the diagonal.

My test hedge all smothered in PVA glue.

Dipped and sprinkled on the first side.

The end result, I'm really happy with how this looks.  Yes some of the edges are a little too square but I don't think it will be noticed too much on the table.

A close up of the flock, the white you can see is the wet PVA, this will dry semi-clear.

The first tray of hedges done.

The big test would be the saw dust nightmares.  These sucked up a LOT of glue.

But the end result was impressive.  I'll clean up any exposed sawdust after the glue dries with more flock or some clump foliage.

A close up of the now flocked sawdust monster hedge.  Looks good even up close.

A shot of the first tray with a 28mm German to show the scale and effect of the hedges.

Ok it took me a lot longer than I originally thought, a weekend was it?  But nevertheless I finally got there.  I have another two dozen or so pieces of hedges in 28mm scale ready to paint and flock but I think I'll get some 10mm stuff done and see how they look.

I also need to fix up my western buildings as they've warped a bit from being in the shed.  Nothing a bit of glue and balsa wood bracing won't fix though.  I want to get them ready for this weekend... but with the hedges done I could probably get a game of Disposable heroes going... hmmmm.

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