Sunday, March 7, 2010

Warmaster - Army Painter

With the long weekend and bad weather (read that as: no work in the backyard) I thought this is a good opportunity to give the Warmaster project a final shove towards being "finished". I put that in quotation marks because we all know that a project is never finished, maybe I should have put finished "for now".

Anyway I've finished everything in the top photo with these below to go.

I've also dug put my old Epic storage box to (hopefully) hold all the Warmaster and Blitzkrieg Commander stuff.

This shelf sits on some pegs so that I can store stuff on the bottom of the box, there is also another shelf like the one in the photo. I'll line each shelf so that, with the magnets, I'll be able to stack them tightly without them getting damaged by shifting about when I pick it up.

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