Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eureka 15mm Naps Arrive

The Eureka 15mm Napoleonic miniatures arrived today.  These are great quality miniatures that require little to no cleanup.  There is detail everywhere, much more than I’m going to bother painting but the great thing is that all the usual weak points such as plumes and bayonets have been sculpted a little thicker to make them stronger.  Which will help since these are going to get a bit of handling being used for skirmish gaming.

Eureka15mmNaps01 Eureka15mmNaps02

I was going to use 20mm washers for the infantry and 30mm for the cavalry but decided to go down a slightly different path.


They’re maybe a millimetre or two smaller and they’re not magnetic like the washers would have been but they’re cheaper.  And cheap is always good.

All based up we have the Russians to the left and the British to the right.

Eureka15mmNaps04 Eureka15mmNaps05

All done in fifteen minutes and with $1.10 worth of “bases” left over.  I’ll leave then to dry tonight and I’ll start painting the Russians tomorrow night.


  1. They sure are, the "what another scale in another period" post has links to all the minis on the Eureka site.

    Great looking for minis and at $0.91 each they're a bargain, for skirmish gamers anyway. A whole army done with them would add up pretty quick but darn it would be one very nice looking army.